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Founded in July 2017 by Matthew Fava, Feed and Play Foundation was established as a means of generating awareness and support for genetic research to cure the rare genetic disorder Dyskeratosis Congenita (DKC) or (DC).

Statically, DKC is a 1 in 1 Million disease brought on by a disfunction of the telomeres which cap the ends of a person’s chromosomes, kind of like aglets at the ends or your shoes laces.  In the case DKC, when DNA replicates the chromosomes keep getting shorter and shorter.  This begins to cause a variety of problems like premature again, skin discolouration, cracked finger & toenails, hair & tooth loss, bone marrow failure, and in many cases the end result is cancer and death.

After watching three of his uncles pass away between 1995 and 2015, Mr. Fava, also a life long barer of DKC decided to make a stand against this disease.  Feed and Play Foundation is currently investigating the development of a world class Genetic Research and Treatment Facility, encompassing a Palliative Care Unit.  Other initiatives include the creation of a optional Life Insurance Plan specially designed for those with rare genetic diseases, as most people are denied insurance coverage when diagnosed with a “pre-existing condition”.  The final piece of this mission, a Scholarship Fund, dedicated to offering the best minds in medicine an opportunity to have the full cost of their post-secondary education covered.

We are extremely excited to begin this journey and we are hoping that you will find it in your heart to join us by offering your time, talents or financial support to this cause.  Please feel free to contact us through this website or our social media outlets to show your involvement.  Every little bit helps, as we help those who suffer from Dyskeratosis Congenita and other rare genetic disorders.


Feed and Play Foundation